Thursday, January 29, 2009

Casey and Shadow

Here is the second commission drawing I did this week for David, who gave me the ok to post 'em here before I even sent them to him. Thank you for allowing me to do that and for the business. If you go back and read David's comment on the previous post, you'll know that he and his wife have just had a new baby and and that this idea was his- to show Casey and an infant Shadow to help commemorate this special event. A pretty nifty image and I have to say that I was psyched that it came out rather nice.
David- congratulations again to you and your family.


  1. Jim, thanks for doing it. I love it. It looks great. We just had our first night home. Our dog is very protective of little Abby and follows us around making sure that we take good care of her. Thanks again. I look forward to getting them.

  2. I have always loved seeing Case-man's violent side mixed with his soft side. Great one.

  3. Jim, when did you notice your style become so geometric? Your work is always composed with so many straight lines and corners, yet you manage to make it all look very natural. I really like it, and I was just wondering where it came from.

  4. -->> .. i should be able to get a good 64 bucks for my liver.

    Yeh i think that'll help put some money down for a commish- from Jim.



  5. Daniel-
    Your question really got me thinking- I don't know how exactly to answer you. I went looking back through the old issues of vol 4 to see if I could find something- a point where the hard, blocky edges and forms started to become more exaggerated (not sure if I'm using the right word here). I'm not sure I could. What is clear to me is that when I ink my own stuff, it comes through a lot more- what you refer to the geometric quality. It's clear when Pete or Eric or any other inker in my experience, ink me, the edges tend to become softer.
    My style is something I've worked hard at, and perhaps surprisingly to some people, I'm very proud of. I've never tried to be like someone else. I'm very aware of some of the negative comments posted on the Technodrome- calling my style grotesque and wondering if I have eyes to see how much my drawing sucks. I've struggled with this in the past, however now, I think I've at least achieved some sort of comfort level with it. It's something that goes along with the territory.
    Thanks for your comment. I'm having a lot of fun with this blog and the chance to talk about my work and life here at Mirage.

  6. I really look forward to the issues that you do for Tales, bc it seems to ring truer to the TMNT, I guess it has to do with the large number of issues you have done for the series. Your style seems to allow for the needed strangeness of alien worlds and species which I really love, but it also allows for some comedic moments that other artists would miss out on. I think that TMNT is a perfect fit for you. I would also like to check out Paleo sometime as well.

  7. I love your style, and I wouldn't pay attention to the technodrome bloggers putting it down. Not only is it unique, it is distinctive. It's always a pleasure to see your work in the comics, and now on this blog.

  8. Jim... To be honest i really cannot understand the negative comments made in Drome about your art. There was a forum user calling your art looking like Rugrats and your human drawings looking not cool. As i said I really cannot understand those comments. Everybody may have their own thoughts ofc. I am just a comic collector/reader. You are an experienced artist. You understand this much better than me. But sometimes ppl forget that style is much important than beauty. By beauty i mean michael turner or jim lee beauty, or something like that. I believe what makes tmnt better is unique and great styles like yours and Eric's. I remember a friend of mine coming to me (who used to say he loved tmnt as a kid , but only knew the old animated show, etc etc - the usual boring stuff ) I remember showing him Eric's blog waiting his mind to explode. He had said : Are those turtles? They look like ugly frogs... or something like that. I had said nothing, just had closed the browser, again shocked.

  9. Jim, your art is great and improbably stylish. Such exact proportionality does your drawing ideal. But what I like the most, is how the people, the Turtles and all the environment are harmoniously combined. And all that belongs to one world, the world of Jim Lawson.

    And about inking... I have nothing against Eric Talbot or Peter Laird, they're good artists and their inking is also pretty good. But your art becomes really great when you do it all yourself. I like your manner of doing shadows, textures and cracks on buildings. When I see them, then I really become excited of reading your works! ))