Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cyber Don and the BSR

This was sort of an interesting one. The buyer of this commission piece wanted the Baxter Stockman Robot as he appearred in the Donatello mini-series hanging out and trading glances with the Donatello from the Image comic books.
It's definitely different and makes for kind of a neat piece, if you ask me.


  1. I like the artwork and its an interesting concept,but I always get an "ugh" feeling when seeing the mutilated turtles of Image like Dregg and Venus.

    I like the variety of commission showcases from Mike and Leatherhead to Rat King to Cyber Don and Baxter's robotic shell.

    Happy new year and if memory serves........have a nice last day at the office.:(

  2. I loved the Image TMNT! Wow, you really captured Don when he was a cyborg. The best part is Baxter there! "What, you too?"

  3. I can't believe this only got three comments so far.

    It would be great if Pete would allow you to write an alternate reality "brain thief" mini-series based upon this drawing. 18 books o' year...

  4. Great blog! Your art makes me want to draw TMNT just like when I was a kid reading the comics. It makes me want to draw so bad I even did a Raph drawing. Look Thanks for the inspiration and good luck with the blog and comics!

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