Thursday, January 21, 2010

Return to Blog

I took a break from the blog-- I think it was a combination of the official "end" of Mirage, combined perhaps with my natural hibernatory urges that occur at this time of year. Anyways, I'm still here and continuing to chip away at the ever smaller block of Turtle work that I have left to finish.

Today, I should complete the Jake Black Tales issue (68). So, with that in mind I thought that I'd post a page from that book. This is page 23, which features the guys getting it on with some nasty cancer cells. It's been a fun issue to work on- with some surreal, almost alien-like environments. Also, fun for me is that Dan asked if I couldn't come up with a little 2 page back up story that's to appear in that same issue--- tomorrow I'll try to at least to get that pencilled. I think the publishing schedule is a little off these days, but this book is due to be released in March, I believe.

Then that leaves Tales 70- my last Turtle book. I approach that issue with a really odd feeling. I'm sure once I start drawing, that it will seem normal, just like any other comic-- but it really is way more than that. It makes very tangible, the finality of this relationship that I've had with these characters. Don't really know if that makes sense but my brain has been very much in wander mode lately...

Hope you like the page.


  1. Really like the page. It's interesting that Jake decided to write an issue about fighting cancer (for obvious reasons). I like the new picture you have up btw, Jake, and congrats again on finishing your treatment!

    If I remember correctly, issue 70 is going to be done is duoshade, is that right, Jim? So, that will make the issue somewhat unique to you as far as the process of completing it as well, no?

    Nice to see you blogging again!

  2. I think it make perfect sense, you have been drawing and writing these guys for over 20 years :)

    I look forward to issue 70, I have been reading through vol 1 and picked up the few issues I was missing from vol 2.

    I plan to read strait through everything. Also still have a bunch of recent Tales books I have yet to read but I'll probably take my time with them as theres not that many stories left I'll probably leave them till last.

  3. Don't worry, Jim-- I'm sure that fans will be keeping you busy with commissions for a long time. :)

  4. By the really need to post that awesome "Pimiko vs. Lady Shredder" commission to your blog!

  5. Awesome page, Jim! I am really bummed to see the Mirage stuff winding down, I only really started getting into it recently, bad timing on my part. What's up with Mirage having the right to do a certain number of comics a year, any news on that?

  6. It's good to see you again Jim! I thought about you over the Christmas holidays, wondering how you were holding up. Glad to know you're hanging in there.

    The page looks excellent and I look forward to the entire issue. You're right though... it seems so sad, but I'll never forget the fun times the turtles, and you guys, gave me. Good luck with the last issue! :) Also echoing Tom about the certain amount of comics Mirage is allowed to do a year? :)

  7. Is there any chance the Forever War will ever see print?

  8. -->> Killer .. !!

    Yo ..started the Guzzi piece the other day. Wish me luck. Hacking away at it.

    I know people think i'm retarded for suggesting :: " But i hope there is a return to her universe ".

    Sky's the limit -

    Joe, we shall not ever see the ' Forever War '.

    Least not in it's intended form .

  9. It's true- the Forever War has been shelved. As I understand it, the book missed a few publishing deadlines and was still in an unfinished state when the word of Mirage's end came down. The decision was then made to pull the plug on it.
    The 18 issues. That also is true- I think Pete negociated that for himself should he decide that he wants to wrap up the TMNT vol 4 series. However, I have stated many times that it's my belief that he's nowhere near a place where that will happen anytime soon.

  10. Jim, are you going to be at SDCC this year?

  11. Last book?Nah.You know Peter could give 6 or so books to you and some of the boys if you come up with a stellar concept which would be easy for the likes of you!;)

    Thanks for the preview!

  12. Jim, great work as usual. Very fun to see the Turtles "out" of their elements. Don't wonder too far, unless it is on two wheels..then go for it!!

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