Friday, January 22, 2010

Pimiko vs Lady Shredder

Andrew, I believe, is a big fan of the Image Turtle series and has hit me up for a couple of commissions. An earlier one of his was the Cyber Don/BSR drawing and this, of course, is his most recent. It's funny- I actually had to have him send me reference for these 2 characters as I'm not wicked familiar with that series of comics. Nothing against them, they're just sorta outside my sphere.


  1. Sibling rivalry Shredder style!! While I'm not crazy over Image's version that picture,but this picture really makes it glorious! I tell you one thing every commission I look at here looks like a full page panel of a TMNT comic!

  2. I have to agree with mikeandraph87 I think that all the time when I see these =)

  3. -->> Don't kid yourself !!

    I AM CRAZY over Image's style..

    Dammit, Jim .. you did Fosco, Carlson, AM, and Larsen good !!

    never thought i 'd see the day.

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