Friday, May 7, 2010

Tales 70 Sneak Peak

I finally got to see the finished art for Tales 70 this week. Eric did an awesome job on the inks and it was with some emotion that I flipped through the pages yesterday. They're really cool. Talbot's gritty, edgy inks really fit the story and I have to admit that his talent with the halftones is nothing short of stunning. After discussing it with him it was cool to hear him talk about the book and just what it meant- the strive to try to capture the old Mirage art feel along with the amount of physical work that went along with us deciding to work on a larger size paper.

In keeping with the old Mirage way, it's even a week late to the printer.


  1. Wow wow wow!! Just like in the original RtNY trilogy =))) Thanks, guys, you both did awesome work!! Can't wait for the issue!

  2. Beautiful work from the both of ya's!

  3. The page looks great! Can't wait for the issue to come out.

  4. That is just lovely. Makes me wish more issues of Tales were done in the duoshade. Its awesome.

  5. There is a major problem with leaves us wanting more!!! A blue moon or two might have to pass first though. :(

    Its great to see how you guys are big fans of one another! It shows how tight knit you all are and inspirational to one another you all are.

  6. Wow...glad to see you're back. Don't ever leave us hanging like that again!!!

    I tried emailing you not long ago and got no response, but it turned out I was using the wrong email...I'm scattered like that.

    I did a piece of artwork recently that was inspired by your final panel in TMNT Vol. 4 #18, which I am hoping to share with you. I became one of your biggest fans around the time you began work on that series, tortures me that it could be a long time before we see another finished issue. I guess that's something that Pete has to decide for himself on his end, though.

  7. Hmm--on the plus side it seems Pete truly has an interest in finishing this series. The problem of course is when- there's just no way to know.

    Anyone can email me at

  8. Jim,
    Thank you for sharing this incredible sample. The tones bring me right back to the olden-golden origins.

    It is a bitter sweet ending to an epic series of Tales. Thank Eric for us all for his incredible inking/toning and thank you for your work on everything you do.

    I'm slowly moving through the WHOLE Mirage universe and will be getting to Dino Island shortly.



  9. Can't wait for this, though I'll be quite sad when I buy it.

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