Monday, May 18, 2009


Yesterday, despite the weather being overcast and cold, I ventured out on my "79 Honda Ratwing to check out a ride-in sponsored by the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club. It was held at Look Park, a local recreational facility, and was only probably a 15 minute ride from my house. Not bad.

I parked up and strolled the line-up of bikes. Happily, Pete had just arrived as well and we spent perhaps an hour admiring the machines and chatting up a few folks. I guess maybe you have to be a geek like me, but I love these little bike events.

The Ratwing did good. Old bikes seem to require a little faith to ride. After doing an all day rip the week before last, passing state inspection this past week and continuing to start when I ask it to, my confidence is building in the old beast.

I took this pic of what I thought was one of the cooler bikes at the show. I don't know exactly what it was, an old 60's Honda Dream, or Superdream or Superhawk but whatever, it was very nifty.


  1. Yep. It sure is. Sounds like it was a realy nice show.

  2. That Honda is awesome looking...I dig the more compact, vintage looking bikes like that. Besides, I could totally see Raphael on that thing...ha! I've been considering (dreaming) the purchase of a Honda Ruckus scooter recently. Those things aren't bad. Look like the dirt-bike/moped hybrid...