Wednesday, July 29, 2009

San Diego

A week ago today, the Mirage Gang was on it's way to San Diego for the 40th SD Comic Con. After a 17 year absence we once again had a presence at this country's premiere comic book event.
To put it all in perspective though, the actual comic book aspect of the show seems to be waning. Now it appears that the event is more of a pop culture and multimedia showcase. There's crossover, most notably the multitude of comic book based movies that are having a lot of popularity now and to a lesser extent video games that feature the Turtles and Batman and their ilk. The sheer size of the show itself is almost overwhelming and we were very grateful that the little corner that was Artist Alley seemed to be somewhat immune to the throngs of crowds.
Lots of folks stopped by the tables to say hi or to express their thanks to the Turtles. Many of them had personal stories about what the Turtles meant to them, or how the Turtles were their introduction to the world of comics. We don't venture out to the West Coast often, so many of these people were new faces to me but many as well, were familiar and it's particularly touching to me that these fans make the effort to want to be where we are. I mean, I'm sure that we're not the only reason, but I truly get a sense that there's some kind of closeness that people feel towards the Turts. It's cool.
I had to include this picture of Tokka, who honored me on the second day of the con by showing up dressed as Rat King- the costume made complete with the inclusion of a Moto Guzzi belt buckle. Lastly, I just want to thank everyone who showed up at the Mirage tables- you guys are the best.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I've got this buddy, Todd, who partakes in more activities than any other human I know. But- without a doubt, the coolest thing that he does, is he's a falconer. He has trained several Red-Tailed Hawks and currently has a Harris Hawk. I've accompanied him a few times on hunts- where we are basically whacking the bushes and trees with ski poles while the bird follows us through the woods. In the times I've been with him, we've never actually had the bird take or try to take a squirrel or bunny but there is something definitely cool about being in the woods working with a hawk.
This drawing is for Todd's mentor. A falconer has to be trained by someone in order to become licensed, and Todd's teacher is retiring. Todd already has a falcon drawing of mine, and asked me if I would do his teacher one as well. This particular fellow, the teacher, raises Gyrfalcons and I know that Todd someday, hopes to get one for himself.

Friday, July 3, 2009

TMNT 32 Cover/Pencils

I've been real busy lately. Pete sorta took me by surprise when he asked me how long before I thought I could get TMNT 32 pencilled. I originally was under the impression that I could push it off until later this year and that there was no real rush on it. Gladly though, Pete seems to be enjoying a burst of energy and it seems he was real eager for me to get it started, so for the past couple of weeks I've been getting 32 done and to Eric.
Yesterday and the day before, I've turned my attention to getting the layouts and thumbnails for Tristan's book done- which they are now and as well yesterday, I got to rough-pencil 32's cover. I came in this morning and tightened up the drawing a bit as well as adding the background.
Here's the cover ready for inking.