Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Regarding Paleo

Back in the time when I was actively updating this blog, I talked a lot the progress (or lack thereof) of a comic that I was working on called LONER. It was a continuation of the dinosaur-based series that I'd previously done known as PALEO, and was intended to be a graphic novel that would obviously get published at some point...

My last work done here at the studio, was finishing up the art on Loner. That was a year ago.

Occasionally, I get an email asking me whatever happened to that project. Since that time (a year ago) Loner has sat on a shelf. This week I made the decision to start up a new blog dedicated to releasing that work as a sort of web-publishing type thing.

I hope to post a few pages a week, until the comic is presented on its blog in its entirety.

It can be found at:

Thanks- Jim