Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Letter from Japan

I got a letter from Japan yesterday afternoon. It was in most ways, your "normal" fan letter- however, I was struck by it's philosophical and almost lyrical nature. It was truly beautiful. Kat, I want to thank you very much for writing me.
What accompanied the letter was a piece of art, and I knew that this art had come to me, seemingly for a purpose. You see, I had been thinking that I needed to come up with a quick Christmas-themed sketch or drawing to make for today's post. When I saw Kat's drawing, I knew that I had found the art for this occasion. Nothing that I could do could surpass the peace and dignity of her gift.
Thanks again Kat, and Merry Xmas everyone.


  1. -->> ..Kat was a fan on Mikey's TMNT ..

    she supposedly had some internship ir summin' in California the other year, looks like she's back in Nippon.

    Miss her.

    Happy holiday, Kat ..wherever you are.

    U2 , Jim.. .. TMNT fan peopleishes..



  2. Wow.

    Just Wow.

    Happy holidays everyone!

  3. So, it did reach you, she was worried if she'd get it ready in time. Good thing she did :)

  4. That's so cool that you returned to your blog, Jim :) Now I will always keep up with all the news from you! ;)

    Kat finally wrote you a letter! ) She is your great fan (almost as much as me), and we were talking with her about you not once. I think she's glad that you showed her work here.

  5. That is truly beautiful. Thanks for sharing!