Monday, December 22, 2008

Wanna Race?

This is an inked version of a pin-up that appeared in Tales 50. There was a wicked rush to get the book wrapped up and sent out- my memory is that Dan asked me to do it on a Sunday night on the return trip from the show we did in Boston last fall. I had to have it done for the following day. This bummed me out because I knew that Pete and Steve Lavigne (who had come down for the show) were planning a little motorcycle ride down to Sharon, CT to visit their old stomping grounds. I knew I couldn't finish it but I pencilled the pin-up that night and came into work Mon. morning, ready to ink it up so that Dan could get the book to Brenner.
Obviously, what happened was that Pete and Steve showed up and Pete OK'd the pin-up as is and we all went for a ride to Connecticut. That ride still is one of the highlights of my last summer.


  1. -->> ah sh6t ..

    Either version's fine .. the pencil version allows a fluid look into the strength of this one.

    MOTO G'.


  2. Despite the mask, there is something about this that just makes me imagine Casey grinning a wicked grin behind there...:)

  3. Yes, you are a bad-ass and it's good to see you are giving the blog a chance again. It will be good to stay in touch with you and see what you have been up to besides the obvious turtle stuff.

    Remember to take a breathe or two between penciling pages. Happy New Year.

  4. SOOOO glad to see you blogging, Jim! This is an INCREDIBLE piece. The ink work is gorgeous, too.

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