Friday, January 23, 2009

Beers in the Hall

Steve Lavigne came down from Maine yesterday, and we celebrated that occasion by knocking off work a little bit early to enjoy a couple of brews in the hall that runs between our studio offices. Hall beers is something that we used to do way back in the salad days of the Turtles, but not so much anymore. As a matter of fact, when Steve came down for Xmas last month, that was the first hallway beer I'd had in many years. A Steve Lavigne visit is pretty much a guarantee of a lot of laughs and wacky fun.
From left to right- Steve, my wife Kathy, Murph in the background and Dan Berger in front.


  1. It's great to see you guys getting together and sharing a few memories and some laughs.

  2. " Well I'd Rather have that bottle in fronta me .. than a frontal lobotomy. "

    -->> .. ok well it doesn't quite work here, but always wanted to say that.

    um anyway , that's a keeper..
    that lady's pretty !!