Tuesday, February 24, 2009

First Fire of the Year

I'm busy pencilling Tales 60 right now and needed something to blog about. This past weekend my family and I went to this new year's first fire. More during the nicer weather, I have a small group of close friends and we all sorta seem to take turns hosting little fire-gathering events. This one, the annual winter party, took place this past weekend at my friends Bill and Rochelle's house. It featured ice fishing and beef stew, mac and cheese, chili and 16 bean soup along with the obligatory hamburgs and hot dogs.
Yeah, it was cold but it heralds the warmer weather that's hopefully on it's way.


  1. That's cool Jim. I understand, My family and some of our realy good friends do more or less the same thing. LOL. Then again, We grill out alot.