Tuesday, April 14, 2009


...no, not for a rotting dinosaur carcass- for something to post.
It's not like I haven't been busy- it's just that what I'm working on right now I can't really reveal. I got a job from a Mirage licensee last week and they made me sign a non-disclosure agreement so I'm not even sure that I can say who their name is. I normally don't get licensing work- I think that my art is a little too...funky not in a good way- for product work. However, after these guys asked Dooney, and he passed, I guess they were desperate enough to give me a shot.
Besides that, I finished an art piece that I've been working on and off for a long time. I'm pretty pleased with the way it came out and got to see the final color version late last week. As before though, I'm sworn to secrecy about this too.
The panel above I did last night. I was hoping to get an entire Paleo page done, but I got totally hung up on the panel that follows this one. It's just the main character dino in a coming-at-you pose, but I wasn't really happy with it and I must have redrawn that figure 15 times before packing it in. Sometimes ya gotta walk away.


  1. Damn you and your secrets, Jim! Can you say if they were/weren't fun or challenging pieces to do?

  2. Sorry, also meant to say: I know exactly what you mean about just having to walk away once in a while! Been like that on and off the past couple of weeks down here!

  3. Talking about whether these were or weren't fun or challenging could defy the terms of my non-disclosure agreement.

  4. Any idea when we will see this top secret work?

  5. Hmmmmm. I'm actually intrigued (something that doesn't happen often with TMNT products these days). I feel quite the opposite - I'd love to see you contribute more to TMNT licensed merch. Your style is clean and (in my humble opinion) would be a great fit (particularly for toy sculpts). I've always hated, even as a kid, seeing the same cookie-cutter renditions of characters on licensed products. It was always much more appealing to see different styles and interpretations (like the old board game, where the art was distinctly different than other mainstream images of the turtles). That variety was part of what got me to love the TMNT in the first place. But I'm digressing...

    (On a totally unrelated subject, I've been going thru my Archie series of late, and I'm really enjoying seeing how you used to draw the guys back then. And I love your version of Ace Duck).

  6. Looking forward to seeing what the project is!

  7. Since I passed on the project, I have no problem telling everyone what it's all about...it's URK! Gasp! CHOKE! *

    *artist silenced by Non-Disclosure Agreement contract ninjas

  8. -->> ' Mugg ' .. pretty much completed, doing 2 simultaneously has been taxing and exceedingly challenging but Dan's & yours should be done at the same time.

    Yours was particularly Top - heavy so some artistic license with some rocks strategically placed around his base to prevent him from entirely tipping over while in various states of ' POSE ' .. the Rocks also add to the effect of the sculpt and shouldn't just be considered put there for balance . Adding various blood and ooze effects will help. Hopefully winding these 2 down by the end of the month. Once they are photoed to be added to my portfolio , i'll ship em out.

    Nice Paleo peek by the way.

    Do go on to tease about TMNT projects your are not allowed to talk about, and by all extensive measures ..

    please continue to dodge my questions regarding Guzzi .

    Makes me feel like a million bucks .. - -

    'scuse me now i gotta double **chirping** date with the Cricket twins.


  9. Thanks for your top secrecy, Jim ;)

  10. I like secret projects. They make me continue on this wicked bad world. Well... maybe not that serious, but i love them.
    Looking forward to hear about it Jim.

  11. -->> ..once again , 24 hours + and the consensus is - -


    all people care about is TMNT ( which is fine ) ..

    but they refuse to inquire about anything that's not inside that box.

    So be it..

    you guys miss out on on a whole other level and humor and classic " JIM LAWSON ".

    And you don't ..

    i'm just the crazy, random rambling f7ck on all these blogs ..right ?!

    Awesome !!

    Ok .. fine miss out ..

    discover later ..

    and don't say i didn't tell ya so.

    Really bothers me ..

    alot .

    Maybe i been lucky, maybe growing up on the indy comic scene has spoiled me ..

    i dunno.

    you guys think i don't know what i'm talking about.

    But do yourself a favor and look up GUZZI ( NOT the motor cycle brand ).

    Or don't and enjoy " bliss" .


  12. It's a Bade Biker and Orson playset isn't it?

  13. -->> ..somebody needs to give huck a medal !!

  14. Man, I wish I had found this blog sooner...

    I remember first meeting you, Jim, at the PBBZ Con a few years back. I sheepishly shared a few of my artwork, and you gave me some signed issues of Paleo. Those are still a special piece in my meager collection of comics.

    Just from the few pics I've seen, this Loner story looks very good. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing that. I've always had a soft spot for dinosaurs since I was a lil girl, and I've never grown out of it.

    ~Amy from Dover

  15. Can we see some art from your upcoming issue with Tristan?

  16. Longleggedmackdaddy said...

    Can we see some art from your upcoming issue with Tristan?
    -->> ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠

  17. As I sit here writing, Tristan's script remains thumbtacked to my bulletin board (Tales 64). I haven't even started the breakdowns for it yet and actually, there's an issue for me to do in between now and then (Tales 63). When I begin to generate art, you can be sure I'll post some sneak peeks.

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