Thursday, April 23, 2009

Riding Towards Normalcy

It's been a busy time here. This past Monday, I finally finished the last few bits of art for my big secret project that I alluded to last week. I guess I can say that it was for Ubisoft. Now the material is in the hands of the inker and I'm anxious to see the final art before it gets sent off. It should look pretty neat.

Yesterday I finished inking the last couple of pages for Dan's Nobody issue (Tales 60). It seems like I've been working on that job for awhile and it felt good to finally put that one to bed.

Also yesterday, I did my little piece for the Jake Black benefit artwork. If you don't know, the Mirage dudes all contributed a character to a jam style drawing featuring the Turtles and Casey. My guy was Michelangelo. It's my understanding that the art will be auctioned up on Ebay, with the proceeds to go to Jake, who is now battling cancer. As we were eating lunch yesterday, there was some talk about the possibility of making it into a print to try to sell at some shows, however I'm sure this is very preliminary st this point, and I probably shouldn't even say it without a real decision being made. What I can say is that the drawing so far, even in it's unfinished state, looks really cool. Look for that soon.

I continue to slowly plow through Paleo. Just a couple pages last week and this but enthusiasm remains high. I think I'll try to post some pages soon.

Speaking of posting- I've been somewhat neglectful of the blog lately. Hopefully with the return of a normal schedule, I'll be better about making regular entries. I always like when I go to one of the blogs I like to check out, and that there's new content. Pete's good at this, as he posts almost daily. I can't do that but I'm shooting for at least twice a week.

I haven't checked out Pete's blog yet today, but he told us yesterday that he was going to announce that the new TMNT movie is a go. That's pretty exciting news and I know that everyone, including myself, is highly jazzed about it.

Lastly, Talbot continues to learn how to ride a motorcycle. I know his schedule is very full, but he comes in or calls me and tells me about sneaking out for a little ride around his neighborhood. It's cool for me, to see how enthusiastic he is about the whole thing and we've already begun to talk about taking a big trip next year. I think we're both a little awestruck and jealous from watching Ewan McGregor's Long Way Round Series. It's so easy to put things off or to tell yourself you don't have time or can't afford it. I'm doing it right now- I took a pass on a 10 day motorcycle trip to Kentucky with a friend because I was too busy.


  1. Oh, nice! Definitely looking forward to that jam piece! Anything to help out Jake, but this sounds like a super cool way to help!

    I love the Long Way Round series. I think I heard they wanted to do "Long Way Up," from the bottom of South America to the top of North America, but I don't know if they're actually going forward with that or not.

  2. ☻ ☺

    SMASH - UP art sounds bad - ass !! More reasons to buy the game !!

    Links to Jake's auctions may benefit those clamoring to buy IN-house TMNT art !!

    By the Buy ..

    - -

    -->> ..once again, Tokka get's shafted calls and shout outs for the slightest, teensiest, tooniest, tiniest blurb of information, legislation, inspiration regarding the greatest independent motorcycle comic / comic-strip of all times :: Guzzi LeManz = silence becomes golden.


    Now could Tokka merely be a mad man who think he's a snapper..

    ..or a Snapper who merely thinks he's mad ?!

    Not quite angry or frustrated !?

    Perhaps a little of all of these things ..

    the post-apocalypse being upon us ( ?! ) .. Tokka is not willing to let the memory of the cult - classic that is Guzzi to down, lost to obscurity and decimated to the vaporizing metor due out in the year 2015 ( ( i'm joking, sure i am ))..

    seeing as how my simple questions have gotten quite complex and this frustration has reached fruition and that frustrated seed has blossomed from that and now is in fruit-a-tion ::

    Within' that shunning .. you may all see me as mad .. but i am a Snapper of my word.♣ ♣

    In a dated, coffee stained, manila envelope Tokka holds the collected and official bootlegs to the aforementioned comics strip.

    And if so driven by the madness, shunning , dunning, Ignoring ..

    i shall gladly fall victim to temptation..

    and digitally create unofficially official bootlegs of the Strip and make them available globally.

    Like trying to take pee out of a swimming pool .. .. the strip will saturate the interwebs as i make them gloriously available for all the world to see !! And it will be too late !!

    For the beautiful siren that captured my heart oh so long ago, in the very late nineties has refused to leave that corporeal muscle.

    Perhaps you wish to remain ambiguous and uncertain regarding that Moto Ridin' vixen.

    Well dear sir, this is something i shall not be ok with nor remain silent about.

    While i may be creature blasted and lauded for my awful works, ..i am a mad-snapper of my word.

    So .. - - - - - - - - remain silent as to her future .

    That's fine, she's your baby ..

    but i know what i'm passionate about.


    my warning has been set.

  3. Guzzi dies in the end....did I spoil it?

  4. Okay, I would love to see more posts from you and some more Guzzi too (thanks for the reminder, Tokka). As long as Guzzi has a good death I'm fine with it.

    I'm happy to hear you're plugging away at Paleo. I'm really looking forward to that. Speaking of dinosaurs, there is park near my house that has a monument and preservation site of the discovery of the first complete dinosaur found. Here's a link for more info:

    I just have one question for you: Why would it take 10/5 days to get to Kentucky? All back roads? You can drive to Alaska in 7 days. I stupidly drove to South Dakota in a day and a half once but I will never do that again.

    I'll have to pick up the book, "long way down." I always look at it at the bookstore and wonder if it's worth reading.

  5. The Kentucky trip I was gonna do with this dude, Dan. I think he had in mind sort of an easy, meandering ride peppered with visits to family and friends. Once in Kentucky (where he had to go to determine whether or not to disassemble an old barn to bring back East) we presumably would ride around the local roads, then head leisurely back home...

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