Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kathleen's Mikey

Well, it's approaching Thursday evening as I write this. the big licensing job that i took on a few weeks back is finally just now done- at least that is if there are no alterations or re-draws to the art. It's a fantastic feeling- I've really been logging in some extended hours getting this thing done. I have a new appreciation for Mike Dooney and what he must go through on a regular basis. I'll be able to reveal what it was hopefully soon. I've just been penciller on this gig, but from what little I've seen of the finished product it looks pretty damn cool and has kind of a nice old school feel.

So everything else has been put on hold, including the blog. The first thing I did this afternoon was to get to a sketch that Kathleen has been very patiently waiting for. Kathleen's purpose for this, as I understand it, is to assemble drawings of all the Turtles and make them into quilt blocks, obviously for a quilt. I've seen the trial quilt block that she sent to Dooney and it was pretty impressive. And that was the practice one. In the few emails we've exchanged, she's been exceedingly polite and understanding. So Kathleen, thanks.


  1. awesome as always jim!
    I dig how blocky mikey is

  2. Nice looking Mikey. I'm sure the quilt will turn out great.

    Interested in finding out more about this licensing product. I'll be checking in :)

  3. Rocking Jim! Do I smell a comic with the new TMNT fighting game for your secret project?

  4. -->> Kathleen , i've never seen a project quite like this.

    Please allow Jim to post the final product quilt when finished !!

  5. That's a pretty sweet Mikey.

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