Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Super Secret New SaiNW Cover Revealed

Back in the Spring I think it was, Arseniy Dubakov emailed me and asked if I would create a cover for his fan fiction TMNT-sourced comic SaiNW. Arseniy has been a great and helpful friend to me and I'm thinking in particular of his Russian translations of my PALEO series. This he has done for no financial gain- just as a service to myself and the Russian fans that he thought would enjoy reading the comics.
Anyways, back to the cover. Arseniy told me what he wanted and with a little art direction from him, this is the piece that I delivered. It features a despondent Leo, kneeling before Splinter's grave. This, as I understand it, is reflective of a scene taken from the 4Kids cartoon. Like I've said before, this comic is a very edgy take on the Turtles and I'm a huge fan. Find out more about it here.


  1. I have to be honest and say that this piece really took my breath away. The details are meticulous and beautiful, and Leo's expression is just so heartfelt and real. Wow. This is absolutely gorgeous, Jim! Great job! :)

  2. -->> .. pretty cool Arseniy !!

    summin official for a Fan Fic !! Very tight !!

  3. Wow. This was one of the most surprising and beautiful of the episodes produced by 4Kids and I am glad someone in fandom has taken the plot line and ran with it. I will definitely check out the comic.

    This picture is heartbreaking Jim. You captured the emotions of each of the characters perfectly.

  4. Thanks, Jim!

    This comics is based on the tv-show TMNT (2003) episode with the same name: Same as it Never Was, and it is a prequel to this story.

    The world, thrilled by Shredder, is shuddering with tears and despair. Turtles are no longer able to fight with their malicious enemy. They're no longer considered to be a team, as since as Donatello vanished thirty years ago, and Splinter died protecting his sons. The remains of humanity, who continue their struggle against the tyrant, are lead by April O'Neil... woman, who lost her lover, Casey Jones, at the battlefield.

    And nothing can stop Shredder now. Having got the technology of transmat device, he captured all the utroms and continues to take over one world after another...

    And how did it all happened?
    What reason was the reference point..?

    You can find all three issues (english versions as well) here:

  5. That is absolutely STUNNING & emotive! Totally love it!!!