Monday, October 5, 2009

My Weekend Pre-Birthday Party

Well, it's actually a little over 4 months away- my birthday, that is. That being said, my wife threw me a 50th birthday party. It was combined with a friend of mine's, who turned 50 last week. Hey, it felt a little weird but it was an excuse to get together with some good friends and hoist a few beers so there. Plus, I get to do it all again in February.
The Mirage crew was invited but most of them (let's put it kindly) were unable to attend. Admittedly, Dan was going to join us, but got lost trying to find the place. Steve Lavigne came down from Maine with his lovely wife Denise and Dooney was there, displaying his awesome dance moves. Lastly, former Mirage employee, Yurix Peralta joined us with her husband, Myrt.
We all had a great time, I think. I danced a lot (yikes) and even sang a couple of karaoke tunes (urp). We forced the DJ to stay til the bitter end and got home in the wee hours.

Mike took this photo. From L to R- it's Steve, Denise and me.


  1. So who ended up with the dancing bear?? You, Steve or Mike?

  2. looks like you guys had a great time!! you should post more pics.

  3. Happy 50th! Thats exciting.

    Also I'd pay good money to see/hear you sing karaoke. For some reason that mental image is awesome. XD

    Def need more pics :)

  4. Happy 50th, Jim! Hope it was a real blast.

  5. -->> Don't forget :: Denise counts as former Mirage staffer ( and TMNT A scribe in her own right ) as well !!

    Happy belated, Jim.