Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Future Don and Raph

As of this writing, this drawing is heading it's way to Japan. As I was addressing the envelope, I was wondering, how does something like this get delivered? I mean, if a package was addressed to me in Japanese, who translates it so that the delivery can be made? Wacky.
Thanks Kat, for asking for the commission.


  1. Hey Jim... I lived in Japan for a while, and believe it or not, addresses in English get delivered just fine. It's all down to recognizing the postal-code for one, and I think the post-office has integrated English pretty well overall. The beauty of the English language right? Muscling its way all over the place.

  2. -->> Chris is right, it's a non-issue. Having shipped all over the globe and received items from everywhere from Japan, China, Hong Kong, Norway, Finland ,U.K., Mexico , Brazil, S.Korea , The Philippines .. ect. ..the language is dually recognized with minimal worry.

    If this is the same Kat from Japan i remember from a few years ago she was eloquent in English as well, studied in the U.S. for awhile, and is also a big Mona Lisa fan.

    If it's the same person that is.

    ~ t

  3. bringing up the future turtles what ever happend to the Forever War series that was supposed to be released this fall?

    by the way awesome drawing Jim.

  4. It's my understanding that The Forever War has been scrapped. I think that the issue was that the art wasn't done on time and that deadlines had been missed...
    As a result, when the book was supposed to be done, it wasn't- and it was Mirage's determination that they did not want to put any more $$$ into something that was questionable if it would be production ready by the time publishing wraps up in May.

  5. Future Turtles. I always wondered why Raph and Don were the featured then I realized Peter's fave and Kevin's fave. Maybe thats why it seemed they were always the rescue half of the team for a spell in the original cartoon.lol

    If I may ask....after May does that mean no commissions as well for you and Mr. Brown/Mr. Lavigne?

  6. Wow, this one's nice! I heard from Kat that she had asked you to do a commission of these two and was already waiting to see it, now that Forever War never comes.

    Oh, and tOkKa, I'm pretty sure it's the same person you're thinking about.

  7. It's always nice to see different artist's takes on different portrayals of the TMNT. I really like this, Jim. You did the art for Megadeath and several other stories featuring the future turtles, but your art has evolved considerably since then.

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