Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gypsy Apple Mike

Most, if not all folks, probably know me from my Ninja Turtle work. This is a drawing that I did for a friend that owns and runs a restaurant in Shelburne, MA called THE GYPSY APPLE. In an odd coincidence, his name is Michelangelo. Hey, it didn't take much to figure out that it would be cool to do him a Turtle drawing that he could hang there. Which he has, right by his kitchen.
BTW, the gypsy apple refers to a pomegranate, which Mike appears to be looking past in the drawing.


  1. That is so freakin' cool. I bet your friend was excited to get this as a gift. I love how Mikey has this "The Thinker" vibe to him, as he contemplates the pomegranate. It's nice to see Mikey in a thoughtful moment, rather than the ball of energy we usually see.

  2. -->> .. sh8t , Jim.. your back bloggin' !!



  3. Jim, your art is super!
    My fav tmnt drawing is the 2 full pages in vol.4 issue 1.
    I`ll visit this blog to check more of your stuff.

  4. im not a big fan of much of your tmnt artwork,tho thats only what i know u for...some is decent enough but i really hated anything half assed you drew in tmnt adventures. mostly how crappy your slash work was on comic 52(?).
    sometimes its like u no nothing about the look of what u are supposed to be drawing, like u glanced once at something and said "i can do that" and scribbled out you version in under a minute.

    however that being said, if you werent on board for tmnt im sure most comics wouldnt have ever gotten done...and i think i recal liking your work on the movie comics... anyways, my point for even whiting to you is that i was wondering if you knew what was going on with the tmnt volume 4 series and if comic 30 was done, and also if u have any upcoming hidden tmnt projects due in 2009?

  5. no=know,you=your,and whiting=writing... damn i really need to start reviewing what i type before sending...not use to blogs without an option to delete and rewrite.

  6. This is a wonderful piece, and you know I think I've actually been to this eatery! :)

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