Wednesday, December 17, 2008

An Introduction

This art was originally done for the cover of my first sketchbook, TATTOO. That sketchbook was rather unfortunately named, as it would be easy to surmise that it contained tattoo art, which it did not. I just thought the name sounded cool. Also poorly named was my original blog, THE IMAGE APOCALYPSE, which now no longer exists.
Alright, coming up with good names is not my strength.
Boxburning, this blog, simply refers to a tattoo that I have on my left forearm. The story behind it is that in my drawings, I would sometimes include a little cube-thingie. I sorta adopted this cube and wanted to put one on my body. When it came time to get it, I decided to jazz it up some and some flames were just the thing to give it that little extra flair.


  1. Hi Jim! Saw your post over at Pete's blog and thought I'd drop in and see how your new blog was coming together. I'm a long time TMNT fan who tends to lurk around the blogs/forums, but I do post from time to time.

    So you have the burning box design as a tattoo? Is it just the box, or do you have that awesome skull, too? I'd like to see pics!

    Y'know, I've always wondered if any of the Mirage Crew had ink, especially turtle-inspired ink. Some of the die-hard fans have some amazing turtle tats. I want to get one too, but I have a hard time committing to something so permanent. :)

    Good luck with the blog!

  2. -->> ..dammit , Jim .. #$W%$^#^&$%&&^*$@#@$#$

    more bad words, and swearing @#@$#@$%%^&^&*^

    ..(usually means i'm happy )..>v<

  3. Yay, it's Jim! Welcome to the circle!!

  4. Thanks.
    Yeah, I've got several tattoos, some of which I'm more happy with than others. They've all seemed like good ideas at the time, though.

    I've seen some crazy Turtle themed tats. I'll put up on today's post what is without question, the most impressive.

  5. Interesting note there about the boxes. Yeah I imagine a booked called Tattoo would make people think it's about tattoos.

  6. I've really been enjoying these blogs by the other Mirage guys. Glad to see you on here, too!

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