Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Raph and Don

I'm still plodding away, pencilling the third issue of the Don mini- maybe I'll try to post a teaser page or two in the near future. In the meantime, this is a commission sketch that I was asked to do, pencilled 2 nights ago and inked last night. It features Raphael and Donatello as they were last seen in TMNT volume 4.


  1. -->> .. irony too..

    cuz Donnie T. would reflect the LARGER design in the Toon at one point !!

    My favourite figure !!

    ..what the hell is pricing on commissions , Jim ?!


  2. I don't get alot of requests here at the studio- however I must say that it seems to have picked up lately. This is what I tell folks- for a single figure, I charge $50. This is also what I get at shows. If the person wants multiple figures, or something more complicated, we figure out something that's mutually agreeable (hopefully).

  3. Wow, this is really cool (the person who commissioned this had a good request).

    I'm so glad I finally found your blog, Jim. I posted comments on the Don mini series cover and the piece with all four turtles. Now that I found this, I'll be a regular visitor :)

    I am in the process of figuring out what I'm going to comission from the Mirage artists at NYCC next week (I actually met you there last year--I was the guy with the huge stack of comics to sign :)

    Love the art as always. Keep posting, Jim!


  4. Jim it looks awesome. Thanks again for doing it. I just got home from the hospital with my wife and baby. They are both doing fine. I'm looking forward to that Donatello series.

  5. -->> time, J..

    i ain't EVER ( Recession my ass )made allot of money, so every piece of work i've ever gotten has been hard earned and special.

    Me buyin' Commissions are new territory for me, and there are 5 people i'm trying to save money up for so i can get special work.

    you are at the top of the list.

    Like i told Lavigne.. it's gonna take time.

    I'll get there,pay you.. and all these people gonna be blown away by your work once again.

    Watch out, ppl.


  6. Well if I ever get a chance to meet you at a show Jim, I'll remember to ask for a commission ;)

  7. Jim, that's some incredible work. Love the composition. Mini-Don and Gameraph, LOL. I hope you and Pete churn out some more volume 4 real soon!

  8. Yeah I want more of volume 4, but I am enjoy Tales and the minis too.

  9. Oh God. Even tho i always loved Tales more, since it gave some good old school memories at some issues, when i read Mickey mini i came to the conclusion that i really missed Vol.4 as well. That piece is awesome. Just made me want to open the package of my NECA Don and put it on my shoulder as almighty Raph. ( No way i am opening an action figure package! "even" for Jim's work :) ) Cheers... Really great work Jim.

  10. This disproportion of lil' Don and giant Raph is pretty amazing! Beautiful work, as always ;)

    Hope about Volume 4 too!