Sunday, August 9, 2009

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Hey- I was away last week. My family and I broke out of our normal lives and got up to Maine with the goal of logging in some beach time and doing some of the normal tourist-type activities that vacationers do. With that in mind, one day we drove up to Old Orchard Beach. It was mid-morning when I took this picture, however you can see that the haze off the ocean was pretty intense. OOB was just mobbed with people, of every shape and size, and it was all right there put out on display. Delightfully tacky.

Steve Lavigne lives in the same town that we rented the house we stayed at. I rode my motorcycle up with the idea that he and I would get out for a ride on one of the vacation days. He picked me up on Wednesday morning and with the promise that we would return in a few hours, we went for an all day ride. We rode through the town where he grew up (Westbrook) and stopped to see his dad, then got pizza and then went to this crazy cool biker bar called Bentley's. That is where I took this photo of Steve trying to explain why it is we were gone all day. Nice.

This dinner kicked ass.


  1. Sounds like fun! It must have been great to get away and just take it easy for a week. That haze on the beach looks pretty cool, too.


  2. We have haze like that on our LA beaches too...cept we call it smog *cough*

  3. Sounds like a fun time. I've always wanted to travel to the north east and have some delicious sea food. That lobster looks amazing!

  4. -->> BLEEH , shellfish


  5. Beautiful photo of blurred beach reminded me of the same image in India. Once I was in a similar place. Incidentally, the Old Orchard Beach has free sunbeds like