Monday, September 7, 2009

Don and Klunk

This is a short week for me. Today's a holiday, and although I'm here, I'm gonna blast out early. Friday, I leave on my Great Canadian Adventure- a 9 day motorcycle ride into the remote regions of Northern Quebec. I must be psyched for the ride, as the bike is sitting in the garage, practically already packed.
Anyways, especially since the Toronto show, I've gotten a few commission requests. To all of these people, I've told them that I couldn't really find the time to work on any drawings until I get back. However I did, find some time that is. So I got a couple done and this is the first. It's for Marie, and she asked if I would do her a Klunk and Don in color. To Marie, I hope you like it and I'll send it out soon.


  1. Oo! I remember Klunk! Wow, haven't seen anything with him in it in a while! X3 I think the last one I saw was with Michelangelo, and that was a while ago.


  2. Here are two characters you never see together! And it's absolutely adorable Jim! Great commission choice Marie!!!

    Have a blast on your trip!!

  3. Wow! It's really cool to see these two characters together, and Don's expression is just adorable!

    Great job! :)

  4. Great stuff & SUPER CUTE! And so true I have never seen a pic done of these two together!

    Also happy to see you are still playing with watercolors you are really good at it!!

    Have epic amounts of fun in Quebec and watch out for them's crazy drivers! They don't even respect pedestrians! LOL


  5. OMG Jim! I had a hellish couple weeks and I came home to this today, it really put a smile on my face. Thank you soo soo much, it's gorgeous! *much hugs* Thanks again!

  6. Awe this is cute, Jim!! Great job!