Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Mike Dooney and I flew back from Toronto yesterday. It was a pretty uneventful day, other than we both got to stand in line for customs with Bruce Campbell. Mike even got up the nerve to compliment him for his role on BURN NOTICE. In acknowledgement of that, Mike recieved a small smile and slight nod from the mega star. Nice.
Back to the show. The crowds were big- but not crazy big, and there were lots of costumed characters in attendance (which this show seems particularly good for). Many fans came by- some of whom we hadn't seen in a year, and some that we hadn't seen in only a few weeks. Dooney and I were squeezed a little bit- as we had in the booth space what amounted to one Artist's Alley table, but we made out ok. It really was a good show.
The panel on Sunday went fine. I'm not really comfortable in that type situation, but Mairead and Lea said that it (the panel), they thought was better than the one we did in New York, so good there. At the panel, 4Kids showed a preview of the TURTLES FOREVER animation. It was great seeing the movie again, even in this highly-edited form. And- speaking of previews, the TMNT documentary guys showed an early cut of some of FROM MIRAGE TO REALITY. It really was cool to see this early look at what the documentary is going to be like and there's some obscure nuggets of Mirage history there. Scary.

Speaking of scary, a scary hot April came by the booth. Her name is Carol Zara, and if you like what you see, more of her can be found at DigitallyBlonde.com. She really is a very nice person, and she seemed genuinely happy to meet us. Business at the booth seemed to increase somewhat while she was there...I can't understand why.

This is a commission for Coral. It's Mikey and Coral's character, who as I understand it, have some sort of thing going on. I kept it PG for the kids.

Me and Coral and her drawing.

Lastly, this is (from L to R)- Mairead, Lea, Coral and Becky. I think I speak for Dooney too, when I say that it was great getting to hang out with this group. Miss you guys already. Thanks to everyone who came by the booth and yes, I got my wake up call.


  1. It sounds like you had a fun time up in the Great White North

  2. but what about the ROBOT STRIPPERS???????????

  3. Jim, it was so amazing to see you guys again! You and Mike and everyone are always so great to talk with. Your kindness and enthusiasm is always appreciated. My favorite part of going to these cons is seeing you guys and buying your great artwork! Thanks for making FanExpo so fun and memorable! :) You're the best! :)

  4. JIM! Ahahaha love the 'PG for the kiddies' comment. I do remember that post-drawing picture request convo we had. I have the pic scanned if you'd like to have it but I'm not shore how to contact ya! And Sango doesn't look dominatrix, it is very cute! Heeheeha!

    I agree with Becky you guys are all fun, sweet and nutty and always a pleasure to hang with! Oh yes I have a pic of you guys with Hot!April if you'd like that, too!

    Miss you guys already! Till we all meet again! Cheers!

    -Coral - http://KORAREEFi.com

  5. Oh yeah, and I'm glad you got your wake-up call alright! We were all a little worried you might sleep through it! *laughs*

  6. There I made an account and posted a blog so the scans are on there & such! Weee!

    -Coral - http://KORAREEFi.com

  7. It sounds like Toronto was a blast, wish I could have been there! I'd have loved to meet fellow tmnt fans too <3

    I'm glad you had a good time... see aren't you glad you went now? :D

  8. This weekend was fantastic Jim! Really can't say it enough and it was great seeing everyone connected with Turtles there and meeting some other fans.

    I ADORE my artwork and am going within the next few days to buy some frames to get at the very least the water color and the Leo meditation pictures up on my wall!!

    Also don't forget listen to :
    Greenwich Meantime

    And watch:
    Role Models

    And I will be interested to know if you find Role Models as funny as I did!

  9. -->> Coral is gettin ' prettier every year.

    Again Kaz n' Coral and the gals are some of the highest spirited, creative FREEKS i've ever had the pleasure to know.

    Nince Sango & Leo , Cor n' Lea.. !!