Thursday, September 10, 2009

Random Duoshade Drawings

The combination of having at my disposal both Duoshade paper and my new Pocket Pen, is proving irresistable to me. These are a few of the drawings that I've managed to bang out over the last few days.

As a side note- this will be my last post for awhile.


  1. These look great!

    The dino is really cool! :)

  2. That's incredible! You know...

    I think, you need to do at least one issue of Tales with duo-shade like it was in the good old days! I've feel nostalgic for such art from Mirage gang...

  3. I agree. I love the duo-shade. These are great. Have you thought about using the duo-shade in the Paleo work? It has to cut your time in half with all of the cross-hatching you do.

  4. Yeah Chuck, you'd be right about Duoshade being an incredible time saver. I didn't have Duoshade when I started pencilling LONER, but I keep thinking how cool it been if I had.
    Related to this though, Eric and I are slated to do a Tales issue early next year and we both want to do it on tone paper.

  5. I have yet to learn how to use duoshade paper, is it tricky? 8D

    I am really diggin' the dino pic and the skull is awesome!! Nice to see that Raph in BW as well as colored!

    Have fun on your trip!!

  6. Another lost art. Don't worry about learning how to use duo shade folks, it doesn't exist any more. Mirage bought all the remaining paper and tone chemicals from the company that manufactured it and we later learned that the machines that made the paper have been destroyed...ouch!
    You can get the effect digitally, but there is magic in brushing on those chemicals and seeing the lines appear!

  7. Jim, I gotta say it. At one point in time, I've probably been a bit unfair on the way your art has evolved post-volume 2, before I finally got a feel for it, but... Wow.

    Seeing the recent stuff you've done with the watercolours, and now this duo-shade art... The shading somehow makes your work pop for me in ways it hasn't for many, many years.

    It's kinda depressing to know once Mirage run out of the stock, it'll be gone forever... Sure, as Dooney say's theres ways to digitally create it, but nothing's quite as great as seeing the real thing.