Monday, March 30, 2009

Casey and the Invisible Arm Flurry

I'm working on inking Dan's Tales issue and there's this scene where Casey and Raph are sorta getting into it. Then there's this panel in particular- where a wildly swinging Casey is being held back by Raph. Dan wanted Casey's arms "to be just a blur". It's not really a tall order, but I had a hard time drawing this. First, I just drew a Casey with 2 arms in a swinging position. Naturally, it didn't really seem to convey what I think Dan had in mind. Then I drew a whole bunch of fists coming from Casey and taking up the space between him and Raph. That just looked a mess. Blurry arms-- it really stumped me.
At least for me, the Manga/Anime guys had the best solution. I don't know how great the final result looks, but I crack up everytime I see this panel.


  1. That is a tough effect to pull off. When is this issue hitting stands?

  2. Can I ink an issue? I'll do it for $15 less than Eric. Ha ha!

    In regards to your panel here, I really relate to this. Being as short as I was (and still am) my brothers often liked to hold me back as I swung at them. However, I quickly learned that my legs were longer and a kick to the crotch hurt a lot more than a punch to the chest. Thankfully both of my brothers eventually had children so I didn't do too much damage.

  3. My first reaction to this was that it is very anime in appearance. The fists themselves look very anime, but even beyond that, the expression lines above Casey's head make me think of anime as well.

    This makes me laugh as well, but to be honest, I'm not sure I love this. It's almost a bit too comical, and the anime flailing fists, while certainly conveying the futility of Casey's efforts, doesn't really fit with the style. It almost looks like one person drew Casey and Raph, and someone else jumped in to do the fists.

    Sorry to be critical. You know I've always a huge fan of your work, Jim, but this just feels off if you know what I mean. But that's just one person's opinion, and I may very well be wrong.

  4. You should take a look at the Hokuto no Ken (a.k.a Fist of the North Star) manga, as this type of move appears quite frequently.  It is commonly called Hyaku-retsu ken (100-split fists).
    Here is a google image search URL that might be helpful:百裂拳

  5. Actually, before reading the description, I didn't understand what's depicted on picture.. I think that in the context of the comic it will be clear, but.. maybe you should ask Dan himself to draw what he want to see from you? He's also an artist, and I think he can show you "blurry arms" ))

  6. Can't lie, I don't like it.
    I thought at first Raph was trying to help him get out of some alien blob, I mean it's a volume 4 tale after all :P

  7. Oh well, I guess this technique wasn't much of a hit. Anyways, this book is Tales of the TMNT 60, due out in July.

  8. I think it's pretty clever. I think it is so animae inspired that it is an homage to it. I am a big fan of pop-culture reference in media. This is a perfect example.

  9. It could be maybe just the fact that I loath anime for ruining American cartoons and comics.
    but like I said I didn't even get that it was inspired by that but it came off more as Casey being attacked by a blob lol, it's still funny just in a dif. way for me.

  10. -->> .. ニンジャタートルズ ..


    O T

    ..cut to the chase, out of left field ..

    here goes the zinger ..




    F 'n




    are we gonna see Guzzi ?!

    F6ck .. i don't care if it's even a collected version of her comic strip .. !!

    Side - step this one ..

    and face my spikey wrath !! !!


  11. Damn Dave seriously back with the giant gaps again?

  12. Aaaw I love his giant gaps...

    Taken as a single picture, I didn't really know what was going on. However, after reading what's happening I know what's going on and can really feel the energy in the pic..

    I believe it will work alot better in the comic, where we know whats happeing before, and after...

    And look at that inking! Love it...

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