Monday, March 2, 2009

Loner Color Proposal

I hope Lavigne doesn't mind me posting this. As most people who follow my blog know, I'm currently working on a new PALEO book, called LONER. In talking with Steve Lavigne, we both discussed that it might be cool to actually do the book in color, and pitching it to Pete. In preparation for that, Steve asked me to provide him with 2 pages that he might do up as a sort of proposal.
This, obviously, is one of those pages. Steve sent it to me last week, and Pete has seen it. I thought that I would post it, because it's kind of a neat behind-the-scene thing, and hopefully maybe get some feedback from the folks that visit my blog.


  1. It looks great. It is a bit of a shock to see your work in color, but it beautiful.

  2. Steve did a great job, as always. The rain splashing off of the dinosaurs is done to great effect.

    I hope your pitch is successful, Jim, and I look forward to seeing the end result :)

  3. Steve did a beautiful job!

    I also want to echo that I hope this pitch is successful! It is certainly a different look then I am used to but I think the color compliments your work perfectly.

    And the more pages of this you post the more excited I am getting for reading the finished product!

  4. I think I prefer it in black and white. I'm sorry but the just color comes across to me as too local and simple. I feel like more could be done. If you're going to add color, really add it!

  5. Freaking cool man. The colors look fine to me, and I'm a fan of black and white and raw pencil. I like it just fine in color.

  6. -->> ..if you don't think Jim's 'saurian work does well in colour ..

    you may wanna check out Dino Island .


  7. It has been some time since seeing you work in color Jim. Personally i prefer b&w. But this is great as well. Surely i will get that book.