Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More Paleo Color 2

2 more versions of 1 more page to show you. Steve sent these to me this morning and at my request, he did a quick recolor of the main character from green to red.


  1. Looks cool. The colors are definitely better.

  2. phew! I refrained from commenting on the first post because although I loved the line work I didn't know what to say about the colors. They just didn't work for me.

    Seeing the intended colors is fantastic! Great looking pages!

  3. -->> .. ** smacks forehead ~~ **

  4. -->>..what's all this slop on my hand ?!

    O WHAT ?!


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  6. -->> ok listen up, ya Cocoa Pebbles fer brains thar' ..

    listen to your ol' prehistoric, pill-poppin' snapper pal here..

    if ya combine the prehistoric power of Jim's 'Paleo', Steve Colours, and some the twisted-ly cool sci-fi elements of Guzzi LeMans set in a W.W. II backdrop and the Bermuda Triangle ..

    ..you get Jim's mini master-work ::

    "Dino Island"

    ..and sorry, no spiders.


  7. Howdy Jim,
    Somehow I only discovered this blog today which I imagine makes me a lame fan. But on a Paleo note, I strongly encourage you not to sell yourself short with this new project. I implore you not to just pitch it to Mr. Laird or to publish it under your imprint without at least pitching it to some publishers that can give it a wide release. With publishers like Scholastic (re)publishing series like Jeff Smith's Bone, I think there's a good chance the new AND old Paleo stuff could get some sort of wide release aimed at younger readers. I realize that Paleo is gritty and not a kiddy product but I think there's a higher tolerance for violence when depicted in a natural/realistic work like Paleo. Also, distributors like Scholastic aim at many different age levels. They even carry the awful and slightly mature Twilight series of books.

    I honestly think Paleo is your chance at an extended legacy. Most of the TMNT stuff you've made is enjoyed by TMNT fans but in all honesty will not be in print for very long or remembered by many outside of the fanbase. But your Paleo series is so universal in its potential interest base that I think it could be appreciated by a great deal of readers and kept in print for many years.

    Eric Shanower's Age of Bronze series is (supposedly) used in serious educational settings and I don't see why Paleo shouldn't be as well. Perhaps you've already tried to find a wider audience for Paleo (I saw that museum gift shop coment in the TMNT issue, for example) but if not, I think you should shop it around. Thanks for the time.