Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More Paleo Color

First off, I have to apologize to Steve- I made yesterday's post as I was rushing out the door and as I viewed the blog, I saw that the colors were very much altered from Steve's page. I'm not sure why the file didn't translate- Dooney thinks it's because it was created in CMYK(color for printing). Lavigne called me this morning and he was wondering what was up with the post and why I changed the coloring. We were pretty much laughing about how funky it came out however we still got some good feedback from folks.
Anyways, this morning I took a digital photo of the printout of Steve's page as I recieved it. I don't know how good it came out but here ya go.


  1. That's definitely much better! Now that's color!

  2. I liked the other version as well, the crimson sky thing gives a mood i think :). But ofc this version much much better.

  3. Also the rain drops hitting the dino are looking really weirdly cool at the other version. As i said, with the help of the crimson background.

  4. -->> NOPE, the digi- V wasn't bad

    .. the c m y k V. when published would have had these similar colour schemes anyway.

    GoddaMM ~!!

  5. -->> ..so thumbs - up to Mike.


  6. This is beautiful! I definitely prefer this version to the other crimson one - the mood is very real, and the lighting is excellent.

    One thing I noticed - don't know if it's intentional or not, but the words "A warning" in the first panel get lost a bit, since they don't have the yellow box around them like the rest of the text.

    So, what did Pete think of the pitch? Do we get to see Loner in glorious technicolor?

  7. I agree. I prefer these colors by far.

  8. Alex-
    Yeah, I agree about being aware that the narration that is not inside a text block needs to be allowed for with the coloring. I think in this, and the other page that I posted maybe go a little bit lighter with the background color or conversely, change the lettering in those places to white.
    Thanks for the feedback- Steve and I appreciate the help.

    Pete has seen the first page (the rain one). His suggestion was to make it more colorful, less duo-chromatic.