Monday, August 17, 2009

Paleo In Russian

I've been corresponding with a fan named Arseniy Dubakov for a few years now. I think that I'm correct in saying that he is really into the Turtles and even self-publishes his own Turtle comic. This comic, I don't know if you'd call it a alternate take of the Turts or just a re-imagining of the Turtle universe but it's a very gritty/sexy world his version of the Mirage characters operate in. His comic is called SaiNW and issue number 3 is due out September 9. Arseniy's work has been featured here on Boxburning before- he sent me a birthday card that I posted here last February. Very cool stuff.
Arseniy approached me and asked if I wouldn't mind if he could translate and post issues from my old Paleo series, and naturally this is the cover from the first one. It just looked so cool, and he did such a nice job that I had to give him credit here for all his hard work. The comic (Paleo #1) is on Rapidshare and available for download here.


  1. That's pretty awesome. Both that he did that and you let him do that.

  2. Thanks for kind words, Jim! I'm really glad that you likes the result.

    P.S. The link that you posted doesn't lead to Rapidshare, but to my website Turtlemania, where I put Paleo. But that's great anyway - now even the English-language readers could see and appreciate if not the text, but at least the art of this awesome comic!

  3. -->> LOL !!

    Arseniy TOTALLY stole my ' Foot ' Fav icon i made for terrible2z !!

    HAHA !!

    Well.. i've been found out !!

    Tokka's secret plans to increase the Foot Operations in Russia !! !! !!

  4. -->> I must say, Arseniy .. that's quite an awesome project you got goin on !! !!

  5. -->> Arseniy, i posted your info on ::

    Mikey's &


  6. Hey, tOkKa!

    Yep, it's your icon.. I have one similar before, so when I found your variant of "Foot"-icon, I just can't miss it! )) Do you mind if I keep it as is?

    Thanks for info supporting and your good feedback -- I really appreciate it! TMNT SaiNW #03 will be published in both languages too ;)

  7. -->> you are cool with it, A !! !! :D

    Keep it !!

    Can't wait to see your future with the TMNT S A I N W !! !!

    WOW !! !!