Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Brush

When I was in Toronto, I got a new brush. It's called a Pocket Brush, and it's made by Pentel- I thought that it might be ideal to use with the watercolors as it uses a permanent ink. I played around with it a little bit at the show, and found it to be a little tricky. It's point is long and tapered to a fine tip (good) but it is so soft and juicy that it takes a very delicate hand to get the best out of it (bad).
Combined with this new inking weapon, when I got back to the studio on Monday there was a big box of Duo-Shade paper waiting. Duo-Shade is the stuff that Kevin and Pete used to use on the original TMNT comic. It's really very cool to work on and it's neatness was kind of resurrected in my brain after the recent job that Eric and I did for Ubisoft (the cutscenes from the Turtle Smash-Up game). Anyways, I wanted to play around with both so just for fun, I cranked out this Turtle Groupshot.


  1. Wow, Jim! This looks gorgeous! :)

  2. Rooftop Turtles in Duoshade. Classic!

    Looks great. Will this be used for anything, or was this just something that you did for fun?

  3. Remember when I told you how I would delightfully torture muhself with new mediums & try not to screw up? It makes you a more skillful artist I think!
    I can tell no matter what level of difficulty you're working with, it's gonna turn oot kick-assery & this is magnificent proof!

    I wanna try this Pentel Pocket now O_o!

  4. Holy crap I was looking around in my supplies & I believe I have one of these, too! Does it have Japanese written on the lid?! It says Pentel as well.
    Had to get it for animation life drawing classes for doing quick brush pen exercises! SNAP! Totally forgot I had one hahaha!

    Gonna havesta try it out TMNT styo! 8D

  5. Yes- that's it. The pen has a little Japanese character on the pocket clasp side. Have fun.
    And no, this drawing was done for no other purpose than to play around. For some reason this notion of wanting to do a rooftop groupshot has been nagging me.

  6. Great job, instant old school TMNT feel with that duo shade. Now we just gotta find something to fill in the solid black areas that will dry flay and streak free. I've found that those fat black Pitt brush tip markers are good for filling blacks when they are new and juicy.

  7. uhhhm, meant to say "dry flat"...don't ever want things to "dry flay"!

  8. Good thing you stopped me, I was just about to dry flay my picture 8P Haha <3

  9. Jim, I'm sure this has been asked 100 times but what pens do most commonly use for inking?

  10. Amazing work!

    So, it's special Duo-Shade paper )) I always wondering how you're did all this shades in Volume 1 // I got it now ) And wanna play with such paper too...

    P.S. by the way, I done my comic today. There remains only one thing to do -- translate it to English ) I'll send it to you as soon as possible )

  11. EvilUrges-
    THE pen, the pen that I most have feelings for is something called the FD-301. It's packaging is all in Japanese, except that it says ZEBRA on the top. It's appearance is a faux wooden barrel with a black cap. The only place I've been able to find it is KINOKUNIYA, an import store in NYC. BTW, I'm not sure about the spelling. The only thing about the pen now is that the ink is not waterproof.
    I went on Dick Blick today and found something called a Sakura Pigma Brush. Has anyone used one of these??

  12. You're the best Jim!

    Just keep making these beautiful pictures every week and you keep giving me a new weekly wall paper for my computer *grins*

    BTW you spelled Kinokuniya correctly! I love that store. I get a lot of import CDs from there!

  13. Killer drawing, Jim!

    Definitely an old-school vibe here. It is also set to my current computer background (the Turtles Forever poster doesn't center as well, unfortunately). Thanks for sharing it!

  14. Dude! That's the brush I had emailed you about some time ago; I was gonna bring you one at SDCC, but was under the impression you already had one. You're putting it to good use, this is a gorgeous drawing. Eric was showing me some of the duo-tone stuff in SD; love it!

  15. Another awesome piece that you have done.

  16. -->> i assume it's a pretty expensive brush too, eh ?!

    Does this approach to the illustrations pose a viable / practical alternative to yours and Eric's standard way of doing the illustrations ?! Does seem an extra bit of work.

    (( ain' gonna hold my breath for an answer cuz anytime i do ask a question hear, it falls on deaf ears .. and i go on somehow to make a perfect ass out of myself..

    lucky for me, nobody's perfect. ))..


  17. -->> see see ..

    I told ya !! !!



  18. Jim, thanks for the pen suggestion. I actually found some on ebay for $3.50 a pop, not bad, a little pricey but considering that I couldn't find any at either of the art stores in my town I could deal with it.